• INPEX America's Largest Invention Show

    On Course Innovations will be exhibting it's products at INPEX 2014.

  • NY NOW Winter Show

    On Course Innovations exhibited at the NY Now this past February at the Jacob Javits Center, NY. Here are some of the reviews we received that day

    I think it's GREAT! Dealing with a problem many people have. I'm low on counterspace.

    That was very innovative.
    Makes alot of sense.

    Wow! It's very efficient.

    That's awesome! That's a great idea cus regular dish racks suck!

    It's Brilliant. It's Genius

    It would work in my house. Cool, I like it!

    Oh My God! I love it! Great Idea!

    It's Smart & Simple. Would look great in an apartment or studio.

    It's Compact. It's Stylish.